Patient Testimonials

Mariwan Salih

With the management services of A&K Global Health, Mariwan traveled from Sulyamaniyah, Kurdistan Region, Iraq to Gurgaon, India.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) funded Mariwan’s treatment at Fortis Memorial Research Institute.

“I am satisfied with all the treatments and service that have been provided to me. I appreciate the efforts of company’s staff in general and especially Mr Sarwat and Mr. Nitin.”

Don’t suffer silently – there is support for your medical needs. Reach out to A&K Global Health. 

“A&K Global Health is a trustworthy company and I will recommend it to my friends and family. I felt prepared to travel and I understood the explanation and instructions give to me by my treating physician at Max hospital when I arrived. My Operations Office was knowledgeable and responsive. Keep it up! Good work.

- Ms. Samira

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