Patient Testimonials

Julia Ntinyari

Julia and her cousin traveled from Nairobi, Kenya to Bangalore, India for treatment of pituitary gland disorder at Manipal Hospital.

Julia’s treatment was sponsored by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) of Kenya and facilitated by A&K Global Health.

“All team members are very good and ready to assist the clients promptly. They assisted us from the airport, to accommodation, to hospital surgery and treatment. I feel honored to have met with them at the time of need and desperation. My cousin Julia would not have survived longer without their intervention. May God who gives provide you with wisdom, love, care, and blessings to all. Thanks to Mathias, Esther, Geetha and all team members for their continued support.”

“A&K Global Health is a trustworthy company and I will recommend it to my friends and family. I felt prepared to travel and I understood the explanation and instructions give to me by my treating physician at Max hospital when I arrived. My Operations Office was knowledgeable and responsive. Keep it up! Good work.

- Ms. Samira

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