Network of Providers

Our network of healthcare professionals spans the globe and encompasses all clinical specialties. We carefully select our doctors and hospital partners based on a quality-control process that guarantees excellence, value, and geographical convenience, while always placing the power of choice firmly in your hands. Of course, all of our providers meet our 5-Star Standard of care.

Following are just a few of the hospitals in our network:


Columbia Asia Hospital

Fortis Hospitals







“The medical advise that I’ve received from my Operations Officer in Kenya was very helpful. Once I arrived in India my Operations Officer was very courteous and made sure that my transfers were excellent. During other transfers there was a small challenge with drivers not speaking English but we understood each other well. Jasmeet was competent and knowledgeable. Keep it up Jasmeet! At Fortis Hospital I was very satisfied with my doctor. I will recommend A&K Global Health any time.

- Ashford Baruthi

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