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Becoming a licensee offers an opportunity for business-minded, compassionate individuals to not only make a living, but to help expand a program that offers fair and equitable healthcare for those most in need. A&K Global Health is seeking entrepreneurial, passionate people to help grow our business. If you believe in our vision, believe that transparency and openness should be a fundamental part of healthcare, and have the desire, resources, and energy to run an office–we want to hear from you.

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Why Become a Licensee with A&K Global Health?

We are an established, American-owned company that offers accountability to its licensee. We provide access to our healthcare management software platform to effectively manage patient travel preparations and scheduling, run our business under a model of transparency in costs and payments, and provide our licensees the ability to compete for large-scale government service management contracts at a global level. Those with a humanitarian and philanthropic mindset, but who also have a healthy sense of the ins and outs of running a business, should contact us as soon as possible.

We especially seek to work with women in the Middle East and Africa. One of our fastest-growing segments of licensees are female entrepreneurs. According to World Bank, there are between 8-10 million formal small and medium enterprises with at least one female entrepreneur in developing nations. Business entrepreneurship is the great equalizer, and female entrepreneurs contribute substantially to the local economy. We want to be a part of this growing, important trend and welcome inquiries from business-savvy individuals regardless of gender.


The Story of Said Ahmed: Licensee in Djibouti

Said Ahmed is a Djibouti citizen who first contacted A&K Global Health in October of 2014. Said’s sister-in-law was unable to find local treatment for her illness, which concerned the whole family. After a long time of searching, she was finally able to travel to Dubai and received treatment there.

Said initially learned about A&K Global Health in a newspaper article on medical tourism while he was traveling. He immediately reached out to A&K Global Health and communicated his concern for the state of Djibouti’s healthcare system, his brother’s story, and the lack of care for ailments that require specialists’ expertise. Said was aware that Djibouti’s Ministry of Health was already sending its citizens for treatment abroad and thought that if he could establish a local A&K Global Health office in Djibouti City, he could improve efficiency by leveraging the A&K Global Health network. He did not want any more families to go through the same stress and worry of not being able to find treatment that his family experienced.

After Mr. Ahmed completed the enrollment process with A&K Global Health, he traveled to Nairobi, Kenya to see firsthand how an A&K Global Health office operates. Said was able to meet A&K Global Health’s representatives and witness how individuals are prepared to travel abroad. Said’s entrepreneurial approach to business and his humanitarian mindset led him to be one of the first successful licensee of A&K Global Health. Said is now working as a liaison between Djibouti’s Ministry of Health and A&K Global Health facilitating medical travel abroad for Djibouti’s citizens.

“I was satisfied with how A&K Global Health operates and looking forward to keep on working with them.

- Kenza Gasaro

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