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Founded in 2011, we are a healthcare management company working in support of local and national healthcare systems, to help improve accessibility, quality and medical outcomes; we are rapidly gaining international recognition for our initiatives in management. Our strategy is to listen to national and local healthcare leaders, and then focus on supporting their vision for healthcare delivery, creating value in the efficiency we can help deliver.

Whether it is building national donor-databases for blood disease, finding specialized medical solutions abroad, creating local, safe and ethical surgical solutions, maternity management in rural areas, measurement of customer service standards, or implementing clinical metrics within healthcare systems, our management processes utilize the Orsalus OEX platform, focus on evidence-based outcomes, more efficient use of resources, and reduced system burden.

The A&K Global Health 5-Star Standard

A&K Global Health’s network of trusted, high-quality providers across the globe enables us to provide tailored medical care to you and allows you to make the best decision possible for your individual situation. Our A&K Global Health 5-Star Standard makes the difference.


In May 2016, A&K Global Health became the first U.S.-based medical travel facilitator to earn Temos certification for exceptional quality in medical travel facilitation. Temos stands for Trust, effective medicine, and optimized services; the neutral, independent certification body is headquartered in Germany and certifies health facilities and medical travel coordinators globally that pass its rigorous quality assessment process. We are honored to have our commitment to quality recognized through our certification, and proud to partner with Temos in facilitating universal access to quality, affordable, transparent and comprehensive health management.

TEMOS Diplomatic Council Seal     TEMOS Certified Partner

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A&K Global Health Overview

“Courteous and respectful treatment by the doctors and hospital, plus by Operation Officers. I felt well taken care of. The doctors are thorough and focused. Transport was good.

- Mary Mwambia

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